Friday, August 31, 2007

Cherish the .... NOW!

Yesterday at a family gathering to celebrate the school holidays, one of the little family members looked so sweet. She was all dressed up like a little fairy princess doll. I looked at my girl and thought to myself that she had overgrown that stage. Now why didn't I dress her up like a cute little fairy princess doll when she was at that cute stage. I was always complaining about how busy I was and how expensive some of those dresses were. So now, I've missed that stage and I can't turn back the clock! The just grow up so quickly!

Later at a park near my sister's house, I asked her how come she didn't go to the park more often since it was quite lovely and within walking distance to her house. She lamented that no one wanted to go with her. Her grown or almost grown sons had activities of their own now.

I thought about my own little family and how the kids still love to go to the mall and the park with us. I better cherish that now before they grow up and I miss this stage too.

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  1. O.k. one of these days I'm going to dress my little girl up like a little fairy princess and take lots of pictures, before I miss it. :)

  2. ya that's really true .. i agree wif that totally.

  3. dolphine,
    You must dress her up with accessories too. Hehe.

    Every stage must be enjoyed otherwise you would miss that stage completely.


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