Thursday, May 10, 2007

Toilet Training Tales

My boy learned to pee and poo in the toilet in about a week. However, at first he wanted to pee sitting down on the toilet seat like his sister. "No, no, I told him. You have to do it standing up." so I showed him how to pee in the bathroom because he was too short for the adult toilet (or so I thought) and after he was done, I would spray him and the floor with the shower because he would get some pee on his legs as well.

During the training week, I wore his diaper when we were out ... just in case.... but one day while we were out, he told me that he wanted to pee. His daddy said that I should find a toilet and take him or I would be teaching him the wrong things by telling him to pee in his diapers but now I had a problem. How on earth would I be able to get him off his diapers, then make him pee standing up since I hadn't thought him how to aim his pee? Eventually, we found a toilet and I struggled to take off his diaper and put in on again and he wet his jeans a little. Poor little fella.

Anyway, my problem is resolved now. While I was in the hospital, his daddy thought him how to aim his pee and he learned it in just one day. Lol! Now when he wants to pee, he would stand at the adult toilet and aim. So no more diapers for going out. Things are so much easier now. I've always asked his dad to teach him, since he would learn much better by observing but his dad left the toilet training job to me. Hmmmrph!

He is also dry every night now and I didn't have to train him at all. When I was done toilet training him in a week during the day, he just stayed automatically dry every night and tells me he wants to pee in the morning.

My girl on the other hand has learned to stay dry during nap times but I'm still having problems with the night time training. I have promised her a little dollhouse if she stays dry so lets see if that motivates her to stay dry. I'll post my progress with her later on.

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  1. Talk about toilet training, my boy just peed on my bed this morning... and also on me! Aargh!
    His bed is next to mine and sometimes he would climb next to me. So my wake up call this morning was a wet, warm feeling on my pants.

  2. Oh my goodness. What a way to wake up. Lol! Happy Mother's Day to you Lian.


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