Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Mummy

  • My mummy was soft spoken, gentle and beautiful
  • My mummy had good taste in music. She listened to beautiful harp and guitar music.
  • My mummy was a wonderful cook! Oh those nonya food, cakes and kuihs and sounds and smells of cooking.....
  • My mummy was a wonderful tailor. She made many of our clothing with lovely embroidery on them
  • My mummy looked after herself well. She would pose in front of the mirrors and look this way and that and spent a lot of time putting creams on her face
  • My mummy was brave. It must have been very, very hard to be diagnosed with a terminal illness at the prime of her life and leave behind a husband and five children within a year after that
  • My mummy loved us very much. Even in death, she said she wanted to be cremated so that when we visited her grave, we wouldn't have to walk through long grass or "lalangs" and do any weeding, so that we didn't have to get our hands and feet dirty.

This is what I remember of my mummy and all my life, (since I was 10 when she died at age 46), I wish that you were here to guide me along, mummy, even now, I wish you were here, more than ever.

To all those whose mums are still around, please cherish them and cherish being a mother yourself. There is no better "job" in the world then being mother. Happy Mother's Day to everyone. Mother's Day falls on May 13 this year.

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  1. happy mother's day.

    this was a really nice post about your mom.

    thank you for reminding me...NOT TO FORGET WISHIN' MY MUM!!!

  2. An early Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  3. mott,
    Thats why I write a mother's day post so early mah. Just kidding. :)Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Same to you. We are kinda early aren't we? Hehe.

  4. that's a heart-warming post.
    happy mother's day to you!

  5. nonyapenang,
    Theres a little girl in everyone of us yearning for some love from our parents even as we become parents ourselves.


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