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Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

Teaching Kids To Tell Time Can Be Really Interesting. Here Are A Few Online Telling Time Games And Worksheets To Help You Teach Children To Tell Time.

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Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

Teaching Kids to Tell Time

One of the very first Maths kids learn is Telling Time. Teaching Kids to tell time is an important first step for a preschooler in learning Math. It is also an important living skill.
This lens will walk you through all the resources you can find online to teach kids to tell time. You will also find other valuable tools you can use to teach your toddler or preschooler to tell the time.
Teaching kids to tell time can be a fun activity. Just check out all the resources that are available to you.

Teaching Kids to Tell Time Online

at the Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre is a centre to inspire and support children with Cerebral Palsy and adults with stroke, MS and Parkinson's disease and their families through a system of learning called Conductive Education. Children or participants are encouraged to take an active role in their own development to reach their full potential. In this manner they will learn new ways to become active and happy individuals who can be proud of their own achievement.
The Rainbow Centre's website has a wonderful Interactive Teaching Clock called Time Monsters to teach children to tell the time. Apart from the lessons and quizzes to teach children to tell the time, there are worksheets too.

Teach kids to tell the time with a Shape Sorting Clock - Kids Learn Through Play

Kids learn through play. A Shape Sorting Clock will help kids to learn numbers, which is the first important step towards telling time plus children can have fun sorting shapes in addition to learning how to tell the time.

Teaching Kids the Difference between an Analog Clock and a Digital Clock

How to compare and tell the difference in time between digital and radial time

These days we have many cute Digital Clocks for Kids to help children tell the time. It is a easy way to tell the time if your child knows his numbers well.
However, it does not help a child tell the time when looking at an analog clock which is very different and yet an important and must have skill for any child. This Interactive Digital and Analog Clock from ought to help children compare digital and radial time. also known as Kindergarten College or Kids Online Resources is a Directory for Parents, Families, Teens and Children.

Kids can Learn to Tell the Time with Lego - Cute Lego Clocks help kids tell the time in a fun way

As a good first step towards telling time for kids who have just learned their numbers, cute Lego clocks should do the trick!

A Cute Clock Will Get Your Child To Tell Time In No Time At All

These online telling time games will help kids to tell the time in five minute intervals, half hour intervals, 15 minute intervals etc. There are also games for more advanced learners who will be asked to predict the future time etc. Do check it out. These telling time games are terrific.

Online Telling Time Games for Kids

Free Training has a list of good links from various sites on Telling Time Games for Kids.
Some of the telling time games in the list includes:
1. Clock Face
2. Smiley Clock
3. Clockworks
4. Help Michael Teaches Time
5. Airport Flip Time
6. Bedtime Bandits
7. Clock Test
8. What Time Will it Be?
9. Stop the Clock
10. Cat and Mouse Time
11. Set the Time
12. What Time is It?
13. Set and Show the Time
14. Telling Time Bunny
15. Bang on Time
16. Digital and Analog Clocks
17. Time in Words and Digits
18. Matching Times

Telling Time Story

for Advanced Learners

Bingo: Telling Time
This Telling Time Story from Learn English Kids, a British Council Site is an interactive story about telling time. The story called "One Moment Around The World" is for advanced learners as readers will have to count time forwards and backwards.
Learn English Kids also has a nice Time Module to Teach Kids all about Time with time worksheets. time games. time songs, time stories and even a time craft for kids to print and make a clock.

Bingo Telling Time Game is a another great way for kids to practice telling time

Telling Time Bingo helps kids to build on their time telling skills. It can also double up as flash cards.

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