Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Like Kitchens with Bar Counters

I like kitchens with bars. A bar counter makes a kitchen so much more interesting. The extra counter can be used for preparing food. It is also an interesting place to have a quick meal for one or two persons. I am sure my kids would love it too, especially if it comes with extra tall bar stools that can swivel around. I will probably have two of those, one on each side of the counter for my two children.

Unfortunately, both of the houses I have stayed in were bought second hand and the previous owner did not have a bar counter. So I never had one. My previous home was a condominium or apartment. It would have been very nice to have a bar counter because of its limited space.

My current house is a landed property. It is bigger than the older house but the kitchen is smaller! You see, the previous owner probably did not cook so they extended their dining room and living room into the kitchen space making the kitchen much smaller. Now, I would really like a big kitchen with plenty of space to move around. However, I am stuck with my small kitchen. I don't even have enough space for my kitchen appliances, not to mention a bar counter! If I get a chance to renovate my kitchen in future, I will definitely consider a bar counter.

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