Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What my mother taught me

My mother died when I was young. However, one lesson which I clearly remember from her is to give the best to others. My mother said that it is not okay to reach out for that delicious looking chicken drumstick or the best foods on the table. One should always let the others have the better parts.

I do not see this happening these days. Quite often when eating out in a group, I sometimes see the parents reaching out and grabbing the best parts for their kids and place it in a platter in front of them. Sometimes the kids can't even finish the portion but nevermind that, the important thing is to reserve the best parts for the kids.

I wonder what these parents are teaching the kids. ...  that it is ok to be selfish and put oneself above others? I know it is just food but then manners as with everything else begins with little things.

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  1. My mom taught me the same thing too. I guess some parents like those you saw are really kiasu. I was just telling my hubby that day about such situations. If we don't set a good example, our kids will grow up to be kiasu ppl..always rushing into the lift as soon as the door is open, never queue or grab food at buffets. Very sad indeed.

  2. So true and I have seen such mothers before, doing what they perceive to be the best for their children but not realizing that they are actually spoiling their children and conveying the wrong message.

  3. My mom taught me to be myself. To love and be love for what we are :)

    Eh btw, in my post, I'm actually referring to non-bloggers who suddenly wanna start blogging because they think that they can earn millions from it and then end up writing 'hari ini saya makan karipap... sedap' that's all..

    n then the next day writes, 'i bumped into him today.. he ruined my day!' that's it!

    AND... expect us to exchange link with them! I don't click ppl's url just to read THAT!! That is sooooo for Twitter! Right or not?

    Cheers :)

  4. this is quite similar to my parents' neighbors who give my parents their leftover food!!!! I have been taught from young that 'dont give others what you dont want!' so geram whenever my mum's so kind to accept the food simply she doesn't know how to say 'no'!

  5. It's understandable sometimes... as mother always want the best for their kids!:)


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