Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Art of Being Patient when dealing with a dawdler

One of the ways I learn to become "patient" with my dawdler is doing something else in the meantime.

I find that when my girl is being slow at something, instead of standing there shouting at her to move it along, I will go and do something else that needs to be done in the meantime.

I will come back to check on her periodically but it drives me less crazy to know that something else is being done, another task is being carried out from our long list of to dos while waiting for her. This makes me less mad at her and it gives her more time to complete her task too. It makes me nag at her less.

It does not stop her from dilly dallying though. I am still working on that. How to find or give her the motivation to move faster on her own and not from my nagging.

This works for me most of the time because the root of my impatience is the lack of time and the pressures and stress that come from knowing that things have to be completed within a certain time frame.

Can you share with me more ways to stay patient?

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  1. It is not working at my side. The moment I walk off, she will tends to lost her concentration and will wait for me to come back. That makes me angrier.

  2. i am like u.. the time i wait for them to do, i rather do it myself.. that is my weak point.. no patience.. sorry, cannot help u here. i must also learn to be more "sabar" :p

  3. This is the bane of almost all mothers .. I find it easier to walk myself patiently through the guilt :)


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