Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mummy, the Nurse

I am so tired of dispensing medicine. Last week, the girl was away from school for 4 days. This week it is the boy's turn, 4 days and he will miss a school party too. The boy had a cough about 2 months ago and passed it around the house. I am still reeling from the cough. And just when you thought all was well, he catches another virus and started sneezing and coughing again.

He also has a fungal infection inside both ears and spreading to the outside of his ears and face and nose as well. The sister had a fungal infection on her finger which hasn't healed. Each night she also needs a spray for her nose to help her breath better, not to mention her daily medicine to be taken twice a day.

For the past 2 months I have been busy dispensing medicine. Each night is a rush to go to bed early as I scurry around giving medicine orally, spraying, applying, squirting, you name it.

Finally, last night in my hurry, I accidentally poured 4 drops of nose drops into the boys ears. The nose drops were meant to be poured into the nose, 1 drop once a day only for not more than 5 days and mummy, the nurse poured 4 drops of those into his ears! Sigh. I'm really tired.

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  1. A mothers work is never done. It is demanding and constantly challenging. But take respite that you are doing this for your lovely kids. Who will someday go though the same thing lols^^

  2. Omg, then what happened to the boy? LOL

  3. Glo~w~* What you say is so true. :)

    jfook, fortunately nothing. I think his ear which got the nose medicine is doing better than the other one now though. lol.


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