Friday, December 19, 2008

They don't need me to help them sleep anymore

The babies they grow up so fast. They don't need me to help them fall asleep anymore though we still co-sleep. I have never believed in allowing my babies to cry themselves to sleep, just so they could learn to be independant of me and sleep in another room so that I can catch up with a few more hours of sleep at the time. I believe that they will outgrow their need for me and sooner rather than later, I will have my sleep back.

How quickly the time has passed. I remember we used to walk the babies up and down the room, sing softly to them or play music while rocking them to sleep. And no, they don't become super dependant and still need me to rock, pat or sing them to sleep. They've outgrown it. Time flies. Time really does.

They don't need me to sing, pat, rock and walk them to sleep them anymore but oh how I treasure those moments when I did, even though at the time I had very little sleep because of it. I believe my husband treasures those moments too. He always speaks of those early days with fondness. He did his fair share of walking up and down with the babies and believe it or not, the memory of it creates a sort of special bond for him and the child.

Theres this site that we loved. I remember when I had to work (or play) at the pc, I would put on the music and sing to the lyrics for my babies to fall asleep and when they fall into a deep slumber, I would lay them down and continue working on the pc. :) What lovely memories these are. Just listening to some of the music brings me back to those moments.

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  1. What a touching post this is. Now, I can't wait for my baby to grow up coz I am just so exhausted and severely deprieved of sleep... but I know when my baby's grown up, I will miss those moments again!

  2. very heartwarming :) your kids sleep with you? may i know until how old? Ashley still sleep with us but she has her own bed which is just next to ours. I don't know when she would want to sleep on her own :)

  3. health freak mommy,
    We are like that aren't we. During the early months, we wish we had more sleep, now we long for the early months. Haha. How silly.

    Mommy to Chumsy,
    They are 4 and 6. Actually they are ready for their own room but because of the logistics of my house where the other rooms are further away and out of earshot, we feel they are safer with us. Scared if got robbers or whatever, we can't hear them. :P They sleep on their own bed and I sleep on the floor next to them and everynight I find one little hand dangling down the bed reaching for me and a voice saying "mummy, hold hands." But after he gets tired, he'll say "Mummy, my hand tired already or I sleepy already, no need to hold hands already." Hahaha. Sometimes I find a small face hanging down to kiss me and small hands reaching to touch my face. I'm not ready to give that up yet. :P


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