Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Her first Scaling Experience at the Dentist

We took the kids to see the dentist on the first day of the school holidays. What a way to start the holidays. Anyway, so far, the kids are ok with the dentist. They like to collect the stickers she gives! *Rolls eyes*

The girl was not afraid. She sat down on the chair. Then the dentist took a picture of her teeth to show her and us that she had quite a lot of calculus. "Its very young to have calculus", said the dentist.

"See this special thing?" said the dentist to my girl. "It can suck water". "I'm going to give your teeth a nice shower now." she continued after the scaling with a soft brush. I like it that the dentist is very good with kids. I think its because she has a daughter too, just one year older than my girl.

She says that my girl has very crooked teeth and she's worried about the placing of some of them as it can distort the jaw if left unchecked but she said we'll monitor it for now.

She told us to bring the girl every 6 months to get her used to going to a dentist. "Its very important" she says. "This way, they will grow up unafraid and treat a visit to the dentist just like a visit to the hairdressers for a haircut."

She just had a peer into my boy's mouth. The boy was allowed to watch the scaling too to get him used to being in a dentist room.

Then it was my turn. And after we were all done, the kids requested for stickers and she gave them two each. And that was how her first scaling experience went.

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  1. Yes, I should bring my girl for a dental check up as well

  2. Jess,
    Then you have to put up a brave front yourself. Hehe.


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