Monday, October 30, 2006

What they never told me about babies

Before I became a mother, I was not very comfortable around babies. I felt awkward handling babies. I was afraid to pick up a newborn. They look so fragile. Now that I'm a mother, I'm still not very comfortable handling other people's babies, come to think of it. Lol!

Until I became a mother, I didn't know that......

  • babies poo so much (sometimes they poo before, during and after a breastfeed!)
  • babies eat so often (sometimes I feel like all I do is feed them all day long!)
  • there would be so many immunization trips to the paediatrician (you practically have to organise your life and appointments around those monthly trips during the first year of your baby's life)
  • someone so tiny would make such a big impact into your life
  • babies bring so much joy, laughter and love into your home (sometimes you just look at them and they make you smile for no reason at all)

Well, now I know. And if only, I were a little bit younger, I would want to have more and more and more babies. Hahaha.

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  1. Wah, how many babies would you want to have? Just so you know my neighbour just had her #8.

  2. 8! Not so many lah. Maybe just 4 but not an option now because sudah tua tua.


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