Monday, August 07, 2006

Checklist on What to buy to welcome home a new baby

I was cleaning up my pc when I came across this checklist on what to the list of things we bought to prepare for our new baby:

Big Items
1. Cot
2. Mattress
3. Waterproof pad
4. Pot for boiling napkins
5. Pot for boiling bath water
6. Baby bath tub
7. Crock pot (Slow cooker)
8. Clothes hanger
9. Kettle
10. Steamer for sterelizing baby bottles

Other Items for Baby
1. Baby blanket
2. Receiving blanket for swadling

Toiletries for bathtime
1. Baby towel
2. Washcloths
3. Towels for misc use
4. Baby wipes
5. Sterile cotton balls
6. Soap
7. Shampoo
8. Baby nail clipper
9. Baby hair brush & comb
10.Clothes detergent

Baby outfits
1. Bonnet/Hat
2. Bibs
3. Booties
4. Mittens
5. Two-piece outfits
(2 short sleeve & 2 long sleeve shirts & 6 long pants)
6. Nappy Liners
7. Disposable diapers
8. Cloth diapers

First Aid/Medication
1. Thermometer
2. Nasal Aspirator
3. Cream for Nappy Rash (Eg. Drapolene)

For Mummy
1. Breast pump - Manual
2. Bottle
3. Sanitary napkins
4. Breast pads
5. Nursing bra
6. Brush for cleaning bottle
7. Bucket for bathing during confinement
8. Front opening pyjamas
9. Face towel

Stroller & Car Seat redeemed from Shopping Points.

Eventually, I was to do away with the manual breast pump. Its totally useless to me. Its extremely difficult to use in my opinion. I bought two more expensive battery operated pumps ie the Avent and Medela breast pumps but in the end I became an expert at hand pumping!

My best buy was the steamer for sterelizing baby bottles. Even though I breastfeed, I still made use of bottles for storing breastmilk to be given to baby via spoon or cups during the early days. The steamer was a lot easier than sterelizing by boiling the old fashioned way which we tried at first using a big hand-me-down pot we received for this purpose.

The items we enjoyed shopping for the most were those adorable, tiny little baby clothes! :) Sometimes I still look at them and can't imagine my kids used to fit into those small clothing. They're so big now. They grow up so quickly. I still don't know why we bought so many two piece outfits. I find that the one piece baby suits during the early days are the best. Easy to remove and comfortable for baby.

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