Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Longing for another baby

Once I complained about large maternity dresses, now I look at them with longing.
Once, I complained about how tired newborns make me, now I look at newborns with loving eyes and more longing.
Once I complained about how heavy I felt during pregnancy, now I wish I could get pregnant.
Once I complained about morning sickness and leaking breasts, now I wouldn't mind them for the rewards they reap.
I wish very much to have another baby but I can't due to age and my health.

Hubby and I have always unanimously agreed and wanted to have three kids but it seems like our wishes will not come true now. I'm not getting any younger at 41 this year. We tried but I had a chemical pregnancy instead and now with my condition and being on medication that could be harmful to a baby, our wishes seem further away and more impossible now. I can only look at cute, cuddly newborns and pregnant mummies with envy because alas it is not to be for us. And anyone reading this, please don't tell me, you've already got two, you should be happy and thankful. Of course I'm happy and thankul but I'm also sad at the same time.

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  1. Hey, we are the same age! I want another baby too, but gynae keep telling me not encouraged after the complications from previous pregnancy.

    I am drooling after new babies too. LOL

  2. Oh really? I thought you were much younger. My gynae used to encourage me. (Before she knew of my condition, that is.)

  3. MG,
    I want baby too! 2 is not enough for me! But I had lost one tube during last ectopic, chances is drop to 50% now, anyway, I'll still try it coz i dont want myself regret in later age! Wish me luck ya. :)

  4. jesslyn,
    "Ka yau" "ka yau" (Add oil) Hehe. I wish you all the best in trying for another. Me and hubby always look at family with 3 kids and think of how nice it would be to have another little bro or sis for the current 2. We also imagine how nice it would be for the current baby boy to be "demoted" to big bro and no longer baby of the family. Its nice to see the how they will react to another member of the family.

  5. MG, sorry, sorry. I have not visited for a long, long time.

    Just hopped over from FH's blog. Wah, you feeling 'clucky' ah? I tell you ah, I also felt I wanted another child when I was 39 but my lau ang told me he cannot wake up in the middle of the night to feed baby anymore and gave me all the cons.

    Ten years down the line, I am so glad he discouraged me. Phew!
    Otherwise hor, my number 3 will be 10 or 9 now and come Oct, both my kids in uni. So, my lau ang and I can 'paktor' seriously then. If we had gone ahead to have number 3, we will retire when number three starts uni. :)) Even now, I feel tired thinking of a primary schooler in my home.


  6. I understand your longing. When you have a baby, you think "I don't want to go through that again." Then they grow up and you miss holding an innocent baby that doesn't talk back. That's how I end up with no.3. Few years down the road, maybe end up with no.4. People ask me when I am going to stop, I also don't know. Hope things work out for you.

  7. Judy,
    Thanks for helping me look ahead. Haha.

    No. 4? Hehe. We only wanted 3 and stop there. I hope things work out for you too.

  8. Look at it this way, two is better than one my girl, look at me I was suppose to have a football team, due to Mr. FH's genetic disorder and mine we are DOOM to have oni one. Some more FH loves kids and loves taking care of them.

  9. firehorse,
    We all sama sama lah, right down to this eh? Wanna have more but tak boleh. BTW, how bout coming over here and taking care of mine for me. Hehehe.

  10. I did experience chemical pregnancy before. But my gynae nvr explain to me what happened at that time.Now I know it's called chemical pregnancy. I was hoping for 3 too but hubby always said 1 is enough. I am trying my level best to get no.2 eventhough hubby always discourage.

  11. Sabrina,
    Life is like that isn't it? Sometimes you can't agree on the numbers and you have to fight like mad to decide but sometimes you agree on the number (of kids) but you can't have pulak!

  12. Life is unpredictable. And that's why I want to have a 2nd one so soon after my first, after seeing what happen to my neighbour.

    But at this stage, still feeling a little nauseous at times, I dare not think of a 3rd one, though I would like to have 3 kids.


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