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10 Cute Baby Girl's First Halloween Costumes

Her First Halloween. Baby Girl's First Halloween is a time for photos, pictures and portraits. Dress her up in cute Halloween Costumes for girls for memorable picture taking. These cute Halloween Costumes for Baby Girl's First Halloween will make you smile years afterwards when looking at the pictures.

This post features baby girl's first Halloween costumes including Baby Pumpkin Costumes, Baby Animals Costumes, Baby Bugs Costumes, Baby Flower Costumes, Baby Fairy Costumes, Baby Tutu Costumes and more.

1. Butterfly Infant / Toddler Costume For Halloween - Baby Make Cute Bugs During On Halloween 

Bug or Insect Costumes For Baby make cute Halloween Costumes. For baby girl, choose cute bugs like butterflies, ladybirds and bees.

Get detachable wing costumes that can be removed when photo time is over and baby is tired.

Get this costume here: Bre the Butterfly Costume

2. Another Good Choice For Baby Girl's First Halloween Costumes Are Baby Animal Costumes - Pink Poodle Infant/Toddler Costume For Halloween 

Baby Animals make a good choice as baby's first Halloween Costume. Like Bug Costumes, select cute baby animals like lambs, poodles, bears and more for a baby girl Halloween costume.

They will be good for hours of fun and Halloween portraits.

Get the poodle costume here: Pink Poodle Infant/Toddler Halloween Costume

3. When Selecting Baby Animals Costumes For Girls, Choose Cute Animals Like Lambs -Newborn/infant Pink Lamb Halloween Costume 

This Baby Pink Lamb Halloween Costume will look sweet for baby girl. This baby Halloween Lamb Costume will make any baby girl look warm and cuddly. The pink ribbons complete the look.

Everyone will want to cuddle and hold baby for a portrait or picture this Halloween in this cute and cuddly pink baby lamb costume.

Get The Baby Lamb Costume Here: Rubies Lucky Lil Lamb Romper Infant Halloween Costume (6-12 Months)

4. Flower Costumes Are Very Cute For Baby Girls For Halloween Picture Taking - Lil Character Infant Flower 

Baby looks like a cute flower with petals surrounding her face in this Flower Costume for Baby Girl For Halloween.

Baby Costumes For Halloween should be cute and this flower costume certainly is. I love the soft pink petals that surround baby's face.

Where To Get This Green And Pink Flower Costume For Baby: InCharacter Infant Flower Costume

5. A Baby Pumpkin Costume But Not A Round Pumpkin, This One's A Tutu Dress In Pumpkin Colors - Rubie's Costume Co Newborn Baby-girls Pumpkin Tutu Dress 

A Pumpkin Costume For Baby is quite common as a first Halloween Costume For Baby Girl. For Baby Girls, you can consider a pumpkin tutu dress costume instead.

In vibrant orange of pumpkin and with bright green matching accessories for the pumpkin look for Halloween.

Get This Baby Girl's Tutu Costume Here: Rubie's Costume Newborn Pumpkin Tutu Dress, Orange, 6-9 Months

6. Baby Girl Superhero Costumes For Baby Girl's First Halloween - Baby Pink Supergirl Bib Costume 

Baby Girl will look adorable in cute baby girl superhero costumes. Even Batman and Superman have their own versions of Baby Girl Superhero Costumes.

Superhero costumes are great for a whole bunch of siblings including mom and dad.

Get This Costume Here: Rubie's Costume Co Baby Girl's DC Superheroes Supergirl Deluxe Bib, Multi, One Size

7. Baby First Halloween Disney Character Costume - Disguise Costumes My First Disney Snow White Costume 
Disney has many cute characters to dress baby up in for her first Halloween ever.

Here is a Baby Snow White Costume. There's Minney Mouse, Cinderella , Ariel and many other cute characters to choose from.

The baby versions of these Disney Characters are really cute for dressing baby up in. In fact baby looks cute dressed in anything.

Get This Costume Here: Snow White Infant Costume Size 6-12 months

8. Baby Girl's Fairy Costumes For Halloween - Baby Tiny Tinker Bell Costume

Baby Girls can dress up as little fairies for Halloween. TinkerBell Costumes are very popular. Baby girl can dress up as Tinker Bell while her sibling can dress up as Peter Pan for treat and treating.

Among all the fairies, Tinker Bell would be one of the most famous and loved fairies.

Get This Costume Here: Baby Tinker Bell Costume size 12 - 18 months

9. Baby Girl First Halloween Tutu Costume - Rubie's Costume Co My First Halloween Tutu And Onesie 

First halloween is a time for taking photos for sweet memories. If this is baby's first Halloween, you will want to dress her up in a cute Halloween Costume. A good first choice costume for baby girls is a Halloween Tutu Costume.

Get one in the colors of Halloween to get baby to look like she is wearing a Halloween costume while looking sweet and adorable at the same time.

Here is the perfect pick for your little one for play time, parties and Halloween - a cute My First Halloween Tutu Costume

Get This Costume Here: Rubie's Costume My First Halloween Tutu And Onesie

10. Baby Girl's Comfortable Halloween Outfit - A Comfortable Halloween Outfit Or A Full Halloween?

Sometimes costumes can be rather uncomfortable for baby with itchy parts or hats and other stuff they want to play with and pull out.

In that case, it may be better to settle for a comfortable costume for baby like this cat face baby costume set.

Get This Costume Here: Mud Pie Baby-Girls Newborn Cat Tutu Set

The Baby Girl's First Halloween Costumes Featured On This Page Are From The Following Brands

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Cute Dollhouses For Girls

KidKraft Modern Mansion Dollhouse
I love dollhouses. I have loved them ever since I was a little girl. I remember having one that had lights that could be turned on and off. At the time, that was amazing! The dollhouses of today are even more amazing. Some of the dollhouses can be folded and carried around. Some dollhouses are life sized and can be played with real sized dolls, not mini ones. Some are even eco-friendly and green.

Some dollhouses come with realistic sounds like flushing toilets and piano playing in the background. Some dollhouses even have elevators and flat screen TVs and other modern dollhouse furniture.

On this page, I have featured dollhouses for little girls. I have not included dollhouse kits because those are more for collectors and need time and patience to assemble. The doll houses here include portable ones which make good first dollhouses. I have also included life sized doll houses. Some of these dollhouses come with furniture. Others are basic and you can add on your own customized furniture by picking your own.

The doll houses featured here are easy to assemble and the larger ones make fine decoration for a girl's bedroom. I have classified the dollhouses according to the different toy makers. Each of them have their own special feature. What a great collection of dollhouses.

My First Dollhouse For Girls

What Is A Good First DollHouse For Girls?

Fisher Price My First Dollhouse
If you are looking for a first dollhouse, it would be good to get one that comes with dollhouse furniture and dollhouse people.

A foldable mini dollhouse would also be good, one that your toddler can carry around.

You will find a cute First Dollhouse among the Fisher-Price Dollhouses that fulfills this criteria.

Hello Kitty Dollhouses also make good first dollhouses for girls.

Mini Carry-Along Dollhouses Make Good First Dollhouses For Toddlers And Preschoolers 

Fisher-Price Dollhouses For Girls

Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse
Fisher-Price has a range of dollhouses but my favorite is this one, the Fisher-Price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse.

It has 3 floors, 8 rooms and comes with mommy, daddy and twin babies dollhouse people.

The sides of the dollhouse is foldable for more compact storage and the house is big enough for expansion to include more dollhouse furniture.

KidKraft Dollhouses For Girls

Life Size Doll Houses For Girls

KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

 I love dollhouses by KidKraft because they have many Life Size Dollhouses.

These life-size dollhouses are great if you have the space for it for example a dedicated playroom or an empty corner where you can permanently place the dollhouse. It can be part of a little girl's room decoration. The fun part about life size dollhouses is you can have imaginative play for the girl's normal dolls like Barbie dolls etc.

Barbie Dollhouses For Girls

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse

Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse
Barbie has a range of mostly pink dollhouses for girls. If your girl likes pink and is a fan of Barbie, then this is the dollhouse to get.

Barbie's Dollhouses are mostly modern looking houses with modern furniture.

For example, this Barbie Pink 3-storey dream townhouse includes a pop-up flat screen TV. Barbie's Dream Townhouse is decorated throughout in classic Barbie pink, with lifelike intricate details, lights, and sounds.

It comes with over 55 pieces and accessories, the house has five fully furnished, deluxe rooms with chandeliers, a fireplace, and a refrigerator that all light up. It also has realistic sounds including Barbie "humming" in the shower, the kitchen timer beeping, the doorbell chiming, the fireplace crackling, or the toilet flushing.

The townhouse also features a pink, personal elevator -- which moves from floor to floor with a pull string, and an outdoor spa and an area with a whirlpool tub. Very modern and very Barbie.

Cute Wooden Dollhouse For Girls

Melissa & Doug Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse

For those who love the natural look of wood, Melissa & Doug would be the best pick for wooden dollhouses. Furniture is hand painted and look very real.

Kids can have fun assembling the house with supervision and adding more dollhouse furniture and dollhouse people to their play houses.        

Cute Dollhouse With Life Like Dolls House Furniture

Dollhouses by Calico Critters are cute because of the adorable dollhouse furniture

Calico Critters Cloverleaf Manor

Calico Critters has super cute dollhouse furniture which are very life like and look like the real thing. The dollhouses are not as cute as some by other dollhouse makers but its cute dollhouse furniture more than make up for it.

An interesting thing to note is, due to legal issues in the US, Sylvanian Families were forced to change their name. While they are still called Sylvanian Families in the rest of the world, they chose Calico Critters of Cloverleaf Corners for the US.

“Calico Critters in the US is also known as Sylvanian Families Worldwide”

Plan Toy Dollhouses Make Good First Dollhouses As The Size Is Just Right

Plan Toy Dollhouses Also Have Cute Wooden Furniture To Add To Their Playhouses          

Plan Toy Chalet Doll House with Furniture

Fully Furnished Dollhouse By Hape

What is so special about this Fully Furnished Hape Bamboo Sunshine Dollhouse is the fact the dollhouse is made of natural and sustainable materials such as birch plywood and bamboo.

The beautiful bamboo floor gives the house distinguished and modern feel, the house boasts a fully functional solar panel to power the installed the LED lights. Pretty amazing for a dollhouse and it is very beautiful too. I wouldn't mind having one as a home decor.

Interesting Dollhouse Designs By Educo/Hape

Hape Or Educo By Hape Dollhouses Are Eco-Friendly

You can teach kids about going green by starting them with an eco-friendly dollhouse like the Hape Eco Dollhouse and Dollhouse furniture.

I love how the dollhouse furniture come with plants. There is even an eco garden and an eco greenhouse which are totally adorable.

Eco-Friendly Dollhouse By Wonderworld

Here is another eco-friendly dollhouse. This one is by Wonderworld.

Eco House By Wonderworld

Notice the cute recycling bin by the house? The dollhouse also has solar panels and a windmill as part of its environmental responsibility theme. It is made from rubber wood and strictly using non-toxic paints, dyes and lacquers and formaldehyde free glue. Even the packaging is made of 70% recycled paper. Let's go Green!

“Did you know that in the UK dollhouses are called dollshouse or dolls' house?”


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